i should start again

I realised i did not even blog about my last HK trip. woah that is like sad. many things did change in the last 11 months ( its nearly a year ) It will come in another post if it does ever.

But ya i hope i can start blogging interesting stuff once again so maybe you will hear more from me from this blog. (WELL MAYBE)

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Hong Kong Round 2!


Hey… i am back in Hong Kong! not many pictures from my DSLR these few days, but do check my instagram for more stuff! GOOD NIGHT!

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It been awhile guys

My life currently

It been 2 months since the last blog post i did, Which I need to kick that habit,  i should blog more since now i kind of have the time.

Currently I am working part time and still doing my usual Freelance photography gigs and occasional VFX stuff, but life been eating my energy, so i am like in the gif. mostly working, then eat and sleep.

I did have some shoots i did in the past month and next month i’m going to hong kong again, so I am kinda looking for hong kong cosplayers who want to shoot! Feel free to contact me lol!.

okay that is all for now.

ps: go watch Kill La Kill. it is awesome. Period.

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Facebook Page and photos.


Oh it been a while. There was Baybeats, then Cosfest and a shoot, since the last update. But the photos are actually up on my facebook page. Do go there and check it out.


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Baybeats 2013.. coming soon


Have some Bokeh!

 Day 1 photos are actually up on Facebook already, as for Day 2 and 3, i am editing them, they will be up soon..

 Do check my Facebook Page.


band : withyouathome

more here: Baybeats Day 1

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Tofu tweets

You know summer has ended in singapore when the skies have colour performance every evening. Super pink tonight.... fb.me/4NHJ7igW4

About 2 days ago from トグサちゃん's Twitter via Facebook

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